Welcome to my home page!
This is a collection of some of my open source projects and technical resources on Java, Apache, DHTML, CSS & Perl, peppered with some insights on philosophy! Not a regular mix, I admit. But, a lot of fun nonetheless!

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About me
I am a Perl & Java expert, open-source contributor, CPAN author and the author of JPerl (the first open source library for running Perl inside Java). I have been working on Perl, Sybase & Web Technologies for over 18 years.

My latest work is on a new breed of product configurators to create and render super-small 3D models for the custom manufacturing industry! Unlike most product configurators that use 2D image splices, this uses real 3D CAD models to render, texture and interact on the web, in real-time! View demo

I freelance on web development, Java, Apache, Flash, Away3D, Perl, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Sybase, Postgres and MySQL on Linux platforms. I count among my clients, some of the largest financial institutions and fortune 50 companies in US.

If you would like me to consult on an engineering project, please drop me a note here.
  • The 3D Configurator & texture playground
    This is a demo of real 3D CAD models scaled for web with textures. The full software allows one to design directly on any 3D CAD model and create the print patterns for manufacturing. Email me for a demo of the 3D configurator and print pattern generator.
Free Technical Resources
Spiritual Resources
  • OM
    - notes on philosophy and religion. It is a brief tour of Advaith and Tao!

  • I am
    - a spiritual travelogue on a journey of self discovery