The 3D Configurator & texture playground!
This is a demo of real CAD models with textures. Click and drag to move. Use keyboard arrows to zoom in and out!

The full software allows one to design directly on any 3D CAD model and create the print patterns for manufacturing.

Click & drag to move. Keyboard arrows to zoom.

This following model has been modified to perform faster for the web, without losing quality.

In the full software, you can not only manipulate the image on the 3D Configurator, but can get it manufactured exactly! This is probably the only 3D configurator that can do a 3D to 2D design conversion, so that the artwork you see on the model is captured perfectly, and when printed and stitched, exactly match those on the model, including smooth flow of images across the seams!!

This software solves the problem of printing across seams, by creating the various components on the T-shirt seperately, but when stitched together align correctly - so the image flows across seams. The same configurator can work with shoes, bags, jewelry or even generate custom prints for cars! Email me for a demo of the 3D configurator and print pattern generator.